An environment where your company can choose its energy supplier, freely negotiating conditions such as volume, price and term, generating savings in expenses / costs with electricity.

Free negotiation and the power to select the supplier, create a competitive environment, which allows the consumer to purchase energy at a lower price, in addition to offering him greater flexibility and decision-making power.

Currently, those with demand greater than 2.5 MW can leave the captive market (break the contract with the local distributor) and join the direct purchase with the energy supplier through an energy manager / trader. Consumers with contracted demand equal to or greater than 500 and less than 2,500 kW, regardless of the voltage level, can also be free, but they must necessarily buy energy from special sources¹.



Consumers with the same CNPJ or located in a contiguous area (without separation by public roads) can aggregate their loads to reach the demand level of 500 kW required to become a special consumer.

For example, a supermarket chain, with ten consumer units (all with the same CNPJ), each with 50 kW of contracted demand, could become a special consumer by load sharing, reaching the required demand of 500 kW.



Consumers who purchase energy from incentive sources are entitled to a reduction, between 50% and 100%, in the tariffs for the use of the distribution and transmission system (TUSD and TUST).



Energy can be made available to consumers in the free market by trading agents, self-producers, generators and even by surplus assignment with other free and special consumers, provided they are registered as agents of the CCEE. Consumers can purchase energy through incentive and / or conventional energy purchase contracts.



We are able to help our clients in the feasibility study and representation with the sectorial agents for migration, supporting from technical adjustments to the purchase of energy in the free market (ACL). Fill in the details below and we will contact you and make a preliminary evaluation free of charge or contact us to arrange a visit.

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