Tendência Energia has qualified and experienced professionals to act in all segments of consumers of electricity, whether free or captive customers of both High, Medium and Low voltage, with a wide portfolio of operations:
Scope of Operation:
  • Tariff Framework Analysis;

  • Demand Hiring Analysis;

  • Billed Reactive Energy Analysis;

  • Analysis of Tariffs Applied by Distribuidora de Energia;

  • Monitoring of break even and Elaboration of Feasibility Studies for migration to the free market;

  • Electricity management as raw material;

  • Energy allocation between units of the same commercial group (classified as headquarters and branch)




Tendência Energia is concerned with offering all technical, regulatory and operational support for the execution of the opportunities evaluated in the consultancy study, with qualified and qualified professionals. Daily monitoring of energy usage reports, availability of access to customers. Management in the purchase and sale of surplus energy to free customers.



Tendência Energia has a specialized team, composed of professionals who have worked in the Energy Sector for over 20 years and who are qualified to carry out all dealings with the Electricity Distributors (Enel, EDP, CPFL, Elektro etc.), as well as , together with Free Market Agents (Traders, Energy Generators and Electric Energy Trading Chamber - CCEE), offering complete support and advice on regulatory, technical, commercial and administrative issues. Additionally, Tendência acts as a representative of its clients with the CCEE, in order to ensure compliance with deadlines and obligations inherent to operating in the Free Market


  • Avaliação e Auditoria de Contas do ACR

Tendencia Energia Solar identifies the solution that best fits your profile through a complete, personalized and without obligation feasibility study. We assist in the search for the best financing rates in the market. We take care of all documentation and details with the concessionaire and offer 100% national guarantee and technical assistance, always seeking to offer the highest quality and security in the provision of services.
The main benefits of the photovoltaic system are:
  • Immediate financial savings;
  • No scares with tariff adjustments;
  • Real estate valuation;
  • Valuing the brand and people through sustainable actions;
  • Generation of carbon credit;
  • Generation of clean energy for the benefit of the environment;
  • As part of the green IPTU, "consult available cities".